photo credit: olivia ashton photography

photo credit: olivia ashton photography


We created this site to share our journey through parenthood, urban farming, and life in general. We share everything from wholesome recipes to D I Y projects. Our homestead encompasses subsistence farming, raising chickens, bee keeping, and following a balanced lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by!

Urban Farming

The main reason we decided to start our urban farm is because we see a huge problem with our food system. We felt that we had very little control over the way animals are raised, the excessive amounts of added sugar, the distance food travels to get to our plates, and the long list of chemical and unnatural ingredients. The idea of raising and growing our own food seemed like the best way to gain full control over our health, environmental impact, and the ingredients from start to finish.  

Real Food Recipes

We strive to eat local, ethically raised/grown products or produce it ourselves on our own little farmstead. We love creating new recipes as well as putting a healthy spin on classic comfort foods. The majority of the recipes on our blog are healthy with the exception of a few treats. Check out our food blog for delicious recipes and meal prep ideas!

Health & Fitness

Mckenzie is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. Her passion for health and fitness plays a large role in starting this website and creating recipes for optimal wellness. Keep an eye on our health and fitness blog for workouts, tips, motivation, and fitness challenges.


Brian is a single digit golfer, outdoor enthusiast, and handyman. Mckenzie loves gardening, photography, and hiking.  We have two lively kids that we sometimes write anecdotal stories about. You can find all things parenting and marriage on our family blog.

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