Winter To Spring Skincare Essentials

The transition from winter to spring can leave your skin feeling dry, irritated, and imbalanced. The trick to surviving the changing of the season is to keep your skin moisturized and nourished. If you follow our blog, you know how much I love BeautyCounter and how it's dramatically improved my skin. You can imagine my excitement when they released this new plumping collection- and just in time for spring! This plumping collection will lock in moisture and give your skin a smooth texture and natural glow. 

BeautyCounter's Plumping Collection

If you only buy one thing from the set, make sure it's the plumping facial mask. It will definitely last all spring and probably into summer. This mask is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring because it keeps skin hydrated and balanced. The revitalizing mist is fantastic for setting make up and replenishing your skin throughout the day. The nourishing face oil moisturizes skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. These products are essential because they will balance your skin's pH and prevent irritation and dry skin due to the changing of the weather.

The entire set is perfect for all skin types and those concerned with dryness, loss of elasticity, and fine lines. It is 100% worth every penny, and like I said before, it will last all spring and prep your skin for summer. I absolutely love the ethics behind this brand and if I approve of the ingredients, you know it's the best! It's extremely important to us that we have safe and ethical household cleaning and skincare products without compromising their performance. I have found BeautyCounter's products to be clinical strength with the highest safety standards. You can feel good about supporting this brand and you'll see huge results!